Matheran Rail Car-899 (219)

This wooden bodied Rail Car was imported in 1932 from Graham-Paige based at Detroit, United States. It was attached with a petrol driven engine of six cylinders with 30 BHP. It was used on the 2 feet narrow-gauge line in Neral-Matheran hill Section and has a carrying capacity of 12 passengers. The fuel tank could hold 10 gallons and weight was 1.5 tons. The vehicle had a hand brake arrangement actuated by turning the steering wheel. The Graham Brothers logo on the Radiator is a significant specimen because it indicates that the chassis was built before Jan 1, 1929 as all units built after that date carried a Dodge Brothers badge. It is possible the unit was "in stock" at the Great Britain Dodge Brothers facility while the railway undercarriage and other modifications were completed on the chassis and body, with final delivery as late as in 1932.