Morris Fire Engine (278)

This John Morris Fire Engine was built by the famous fire engineers John Morris and Sons Ltd., Salford, Manchester, in 1914 and marketed in the collaboration with Belsize Motors Ltd., of Clayton, Manchester. This model proved very successful and was in production till 1921 and was sold to many countries throughout the word. This fire engine was purchased by the Nizam’s State Railway and is one of the two of the earliest lots known to exist; the other has been converted and fitted with pneumatic tyres is at Enfield and District Veteran Vehicle Society Ltd., London. Eventually, the Morris Engine at the NRM, is the only one of its kind in the world fitted with original Shrewsbury & Challiner solid tyres. This sturdy vehicle was fitted with an 80HP engine with a maximum speed of 40 mph on level and could ascend a grade of 1:5. Another unique feature of this vehicle was that major components such as the radiator, clutch etc., were bought from specialized makers of such vehicles. During its active service of over four decades, the fire engine was being maintained at its best in the Lallaguda Carriage and Wagon Workshops in Secunderabad.

Later, while the fortune of railways itself changed the engine continued to be at Lallaguda. It was forced to be withdrawn from service in 1960, mainly due to difficulty in obtaining spares. received, it was possible to form a detailed history of this vehicle. The staff of Lallaguda Workshop took up the work and completed within a record time of one month. The same year it won the restoration trophy presented by the Raja of Tirwa, for most faithfully reSouvenir shopd vehicle in the year preceding the rally. From then, began the second success story. In 1983, 1985, 1993 & 1994 it was chosen for the best performance in the hill climb at Sohna. In 1995 it bagged the Statesman Challenge Trophy for being the oldest car to complete the road section of the rally. Since then it has won this trophy almost every year. In addition to the Statesman challenge Trophy in the Vintage section, it has also won the JMAI Trophy in 1997 & 2007, for consistently participating in the Delhi’s rally, This award is given once in 10years.