Railway Coaches

Mysore Maharaja Saloon (206)

This saloon was part of a special three coach train used by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar of Mysore and his family. The other two coaches of this train namely the Maharani’s coach and a Dining-cum-kitchen car bearing numbers CR-7342 and CR-7345 are now preserved at Rail Museum Mysore. This particular exhibit is a wooden bodied eight wheeler having a steel under frame and has a provision for vestibule to enable it to be connected with rest of the train. A special feature of this carriage was fitted with unique Hudson and Nelson bogies that allows it to run on both Broad Gauge (5’6”) as well as Meter gauge by expanding the wheels without lifting the carriage upper frame thereby without disturbing the royal occupants. Original furnishings, beautiful floral pattern painted on the ceilings and the brass fenced verandah is still retained as a part of the original design. Its manufacturing cost was `29,508 (Year1899). The other two coaches of the train namely Maharani Saloon and Dining Car are kept in Mysore Museum.