Sheep Van ER-97488 (255)

This Double Decker Sheep carrying Van was built by Liluah Workshop of ER in 1929. The first Sheep Van was put into service of E.I.Rly for bringing sheeps and goats from Dinapore District of Bihar. This traffic normally got higher in the month of May till winter. The traditional docility of sheep, once they were herded into their cages, permitted more economical methods of conveyance, without any overcrowding and they could be contained in a Double-Decker Van. This Sheep Van No.E.I.R/PYE 97488 Broad gauge arrived in National Rail Museum on 12-07-1978 and has a total carrying capacity on both decks of 176 Sheep . There are 4 enclosures, 2 on each tier on either side of the attendant’s compartment, which is in the center. It has an IRS underframe built by TATA in 1929.