Railway Coaches

TRC 7976 (270)

It was Indian Railways first Track Recording Car-7976 imported by RDSO from Alfred J Amsler and Co. Switzerland in 1962. This six-wheeled 41.6 ton Broad-gauge (5’6”) Track Recording Car was used to check gauge, unevenness of rails, cross level, twists and alignment of track. Prior to this condition of the track was assessed by visual and manual inspection. TRC special was run with the help of engine, crew, guard & path. There were two feelers touching inside rail head fitted on both side in 3-axle bogie without brakes to measure gauges, with the help of other accessories i.e. “Axle Gear Box”, propeller shaft, and other pulleys, gears & flexible tension wires. Track parameters, distance, time etc were recorded on chart. The reports were sent to concerned track authorities for rectification.