Railway Coaches

Viceregal Dining Car (208)

This 18 seater, eight wheeled, wooden bodied milky white dining car was manufactured at Ajmer Workshops of BB&CI Railway in the year 1889 and was a part of the Viceregal train containing five coaches, used by the Viceroy of India during his journeys. This carriage is well decorated with beautiful wooden carvings and is fitted with a water-filter, hot-cases and an almirah for keeping all the crockery and utensils etc. in a separate portion. The light and fans are still in working order. Originally fitted with plain bearings, this car was retro-fitted with roller bearings at a later stage. The entry to the dining car is from the platform on the both ends of the coach. Arrangements for the simple vestibule system to connect with other coaches of the train exist on it. The coach is fitted with vacuum brakes and provides place for four armed guards.